Anna Roffey, PhD

E-mail: Roffey (at) chalmers.se

Brief Bio: I obtained my Masters degree in Chemistry from Bristol University in 2007, my final year project being completed under the supervision of Prof. Nick Norman, in the field of inorganic synthesis (diborane chemistry). Subsequently I spent a year traveling in South America and then worked at the Royal Society of Chemistry in the Publishing Division for 2 years, before going back to the lab. I joined Dr. Graeme Hogarth’s group at UCL in 2010 and during my PhD studies I focused on the synthesis of metal dithiocarbamate complexes, and their solvothermal decomposition to form metal sulfide nanoparticles for use in catalysis. My PhD formed part of a large collaborative project at UCL on bio-inspired nanocatalysed CO2 reduction, involving synthetic chemists, materials chemists, electrochemists, computer modelers and experts in XAS, all of whom I collaborated with. In June 2014 I joined Dr. Kasper Moth-Poulsen’s research group at Chalmers University of Technology as a Post-Doctoral Researcher.

Current Research Activities: My current project involves the synthesis and evaluation of nanocatalysts for heat release in molecular solar thermal materials (MOST), leading to design of alternative solar energy storage and conversion devices.


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