Giammarco Nalin

E-mail: naling (at) student.chalmers.se

Research interests: The development of systems at the nanoscale has become the new engineering frontier in many industrial fields. The control of the matter at this scale can lead to lowering the consumption of raw materials, an efficiency improvement of production processes and consequently a lowering in operating cost. The gap between research and industrial engineering applications is still quite big. With my job I would like to shrink this difference, achieving competences and skills, both as a scientist and as engineer. I’m interested in top-down lithography methods for nano-patterning of surfaces and colloidal systems, as self-assembly bottom-up methods.

Brief Bio: In 2007 I started to study at Universit√† di Padova at the bachelor course of Materials Engineering. I graduated with prof. Giovanna Brusatin as internal supervisor. My thesis work concerned anti-reflection coatings for solar cells, made with NIL (nano-imprinting lithography) methods. With this work we successfully patterned a sol-gel layer made by GPTMS with titania NP, with nano-pyramids; this improves anti-reflection properties of the substrate. Then I moved to Politecnico di Milano to do a master course in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology. I joined Kasper Moth-Poulsen’s group to do my MSc thesis on self-assembled nanoparticles for single-molecule devices