Group August 2016, left to right: Jonas, Martyn, Kasper, Johnas, Behabitu, Raphaelle, Zhihang, Victor, Ambra, Anna, Anne and Christian. Not on photo: Tina, Maria, Rita, Elham, Damir.

Group Members

Kasper Moth-Poulsen (Prof.)

Dr. Martyn Jevric (Researcher)

Dr. Christian Rohner (Post Doc)

Dr. Anne Petersen (Post Doc)

Tina Gschneidnter

Tina Gschneidtner (PhD student)

Victor Gray

Victor Gray (PhD student) (w. Maria Abrahamsson)

Johnas Eklöf (PhD Student) (w. Samuel Lara-Avila)

Behabitu Ergette Tebikachew (w. prof. Nina Kann)

Elham Hosseini (PhD Student) (w. Patrik Johansson)

Maria Quant (PhD Student)

Ambra Dreos (PhD Student, w. Karl Börjesson)

Zhihang Wang (PhD Student, w. Karl Börjesson)

Mads Mansø (PhD Student, w. M. B. Nielsen (Univ. Copenhagen)).

Anna Pekkari (PhD Student, w. Hanna Härelind)

Xin Wen (PhD Student, w.prof. Eva Olsson)

Alicja Stolas (PhD Student, w. prof. Christian Müller)

Baldasare Ingraldi, Erasmus Student

A description of our research facilities can be found here.

Previous Group Members:

Dr. Rita Rodrigues (Post Doc with Albinsson and Abrahamsson, 2015-2017)

Emelie Svensson (M.Sc. Student, w. Insplorion AB, 2016-2017)

Raul Losantos Cabello (visiting PhD student sept-dec 2016 from Rioja, Spain)

Damir Dzebo (PhD student) (w. prof. Bo Albinsson, 2012-2016)

Rahphaelle Houdeville (visiting student 2016, from ESCOM, Compeigne, France)

Jonas Udmark (visiting PhD student 2016 from Copenhagen, Denmark)

Kyung Ho Kim (visiting PhD student from the nano transport lab of prof. Park, Korea 2015-2016)

Felix Hemmingsson (M.Sc. Student 2016) Now PhD Student with Magnus Skoglund

Filip Nedin (Masters Student w. Cline Scientific AB 2016) Now at Tetra Pak

Dr. Anna Roffey (Post Doc 2014-2016)

Dr. Anders Lennartson (Post Doc 2012-2016)

Dr. Nesrine Aissaoui (Post Doc 2014-2016) (w. prof. Albinsson, prof. Wilhelmsson and prof. Käll)

Bachelor students 2015: Maria Hallbäck, Ida Holm, Astrid Pihl, Niklas Eriksson, Simon Nilsson & Simon Palm.

Ali Reza Movahedi

Dr. Alireza Movahedi (PhD Student 2012-2105 w. prof. M. Nyden & N. Kann), now researcher at Akzo Nobel.

Karl Borjesson

Dr. Karl Börjesson (Post Doc 2011-2012 and 2014-2015) now independent group leader at Gothenburg University. Karls homepage

Julia Morat (Visiting student from Uppsala University, 2015)

Andrew Dawson (Visiting student from UC Santa Barbara, 2015, now PhD student at UCLA)

Dr. Angelica Lundin (Senior Researcher, 2013-2015)

Dr. Lanlan Sun (Post Doc 2013-2015, w. prof. M. Käll)

Dexter Bushell (Visiting Student 2015 from Univ. Warwick, UK)

Giammarco Nalin (M.Sc. Student 2014, Chalmers/Polytecnico di Milano)

Ewa Konczalska (visiting student 2014, Univ. Torun, Poland)

Aleksandra Cieszkowska (visiting student 2014, Univ. Torun, Poland)

Yuri Antonio Diaz Fernandez

Yuri Antonio Diaz Fernandez (Post Doc 2012-2014 w. prof. C. Langhammer and F. Westerlund) Now researcher at university of Liverpool, UK.

Stuart McCready

Phasin Ratanalert (M.Sc. student) (2013)

Stuart McCready

Stuart McCready (Visiting Student) (2013)

Amaia Diaz de Zerio

Amaia Diaz de Zerio (M.Sc. student 2012) now PhD student with Mats Andersson and Christian Müller, Chalmers


We are continously looking for highly skilled people to join our group, please contact if you are interested in doing a research project, a PhD project or a Post Doc.

kasper.moth-poulsen@chalmers.se <

Student Projects

Following is a selection of some of the possible student projects that we offer at the moment, we also have projects with partners in industry that we don't post on the internet, if you want to make a research project together with industry, or if you have your own ideas for a project please feel free to contact directly:

A project on synthetic chemistry and photochemistry for Solar Energy Storage:

Solar Thermal Energy Storage and Conversion

A project on synthetic chemistry, nanoparticles synthesis and self assembly:

Controlled Assembly of Gold Nanostructures

A project on molecular electronics and self assembly:

Molecular Electronics

A project on computational modelling, together with Asst. Prof. Paul Erhart:

Anisotropic Growth of Gold Nanostructures

We also have oportunities for masters thesis projects together Gothenburg based nanotech companies Insplorion and Cline Scientific

Project with Insplorion AB

Project Scientific AB

If you are interested in a collaboration, a research project or an internship on energy storage, organic synthesis or nanoscale functionalisation please feel free to contact us:

E-mail: Kasper.Moth-Poulsen (at) Chalmers.se

Phone:+46 (0) 76 199 68 55

Group September 2014, on photo: top row: Behabitu, Johnas, Angelica, Karl, Anders, Damir, Kasper, Giammarco. Bottom row: Tina, Aleksandra, Victor, Ali, Ewa, Lanlan, Nesrine, Anna. Not on photo: Elham.

A day at the races 2015 (go-karting Majorna)

A day a the races

Group photos:

Moth-Poulsen Group Fall 2012Group June 2013, on Picture: Damir, Kasper, Victor, Anders, Ali, Yuri, Lanlan, Phasin. Not on picture: Tina.

Moth-Poulsen Group Fall 2012Group june 2012: Ali, Yuri, Tina, Amaia, Anders, Karl, Victor and Kasper.