Baldasare Ingraldi, M.Sc. Student

Brief Bio:
In 2012 I started my bachelor studies in Chemical and Food Engineering at Politecnico di Torino (Italy). I obtained my bachelor degree in 2015 with a thesis on new food conservation technologies, with an in-depth study on “pulsed electric fields” technique. In 2015 I started my MSc studies in Sustainable Chemical Process Engineering, with studies on design and development of processes. In August 2016 I took part to Erasmus + program and went to Goteborg to attend Chalmers University of Technology to complete my MSc studies and develop my thesis project. From January till summer I joined Kasper Moth-Poulsen group to work on my master thesis, which is focused on the production of Gold Nanoparticles in flow, using microfluidics system that allows an enhanced control of different parameters.

Looking to the next future, as a chemical engineer, I’m interested on the development of new physical-chemical processes and optimization of the existing ones, in order to find better sustainable solutions to many aspects of the chemical industry.