Martyn Jevric, researcher, PhD

Email: martyn(at)chalmers.se

Brief Bio:

Martyn completed his PhD studies at the University of Adelaide in 2004, the focus of his thesis was upon synthetic transformations of endoperoxides. During his career, Martyn engaged in many facets of synthesis, ranging from ‘conventional’ organic synthesis, organometallics and fullerene chemistry. A stint under Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen gave him his first exposure to working with molecular photoswitches in the form of dihydroazulene/vinylheptafulvene couple (DHA/VHF) and a warm welcome to Scandinavia. Currently at Chalmers, Martyn’s research focus is on the norbornadiene/quadricyclane photoswitch system, following his passion of striving towards creating renewable energy sources.

Martyn has published more than 55 scientific papers, for a full list, please refer to researcherID: