Johnas Eklöf, M.Sc.

Phone: +46-730677679

ohnase@chalmers.se, johnas.eklof@chalmers.se
Research interest:  The scientists of today must approach interdisciplinary methods in order to solve future problems. This is something I found very interesting and this is also the reason why I chose to work within nano-related challenges. The fact that the electric and physical properties changes as the size decreases is fascinating, I therefore enjoy working with design at the nano-level and looks forward to be part of creating the next generation of electronic devices.

Brief Bio: I started my M.Sc. in Engineering Nanoscience at LTH – Lund University at the fall of 2008, an education characterized by its interdisciplinary nature. I have worked in projects in physics, chemistry, electronics and biology. I chose to focus my studies towards materials Science during the final years working with both characterizing and synthesizing ceramics, alloys, polymers and more. During the master thesis; I worked with optimizing a step in the fabrication of Solar cells based on epitaxial grown InP nanowires using Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL). I managed to develop a method to quickly evaluate the conditions of the surface after different treatments using techniques such as SEM and XPS. I started in 2014 as a PhD student at Chalmers working in a team developing and designing single molecular electronics.