Kyung Ho Kim


Kyung Ho Kim, PhD Student

E-mail: kyungh (at) chalmers.se

Research Interests

I’m interested in low dimensional transport phenomena especially in carbon based nanostructures and applications of their physical or chemical properties. Particularly, I’m interested in synthesis of polyacetylene and polymer nanofibers, carbonization of polymer nanofibers, and epitaxial graphene based devices.
My current project involves the design and synthesis of norbornadiene-quadricyclane molecular switches for solar energy storage.

Brief Biography

During 2003~2009, I did Bachelor’s degree (including military service for 2 years) in Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University and I started graduate study from 2009 and joined Nano Transport Laboratory of Prof. Yung Woo Park in the same department from 2010. From that time, I have studied magneto transport of single polymer nanofibers such as polyacetylene, polyaniline nanofibers and copolymer films composed of phenylene and EDOT doped by FeCl3. Also I have synthesized polyacetylene thin films for magneto photoinduced adsorption study. From 2014, I am visiting Chalmers for the collaboration work combining graphene and polymers and fabricating combined devices. The collaboration is going on with the help of Prof. Kasper Moth-Poulsen’s lab especially in chemistry and with Prof. Sergey Kubatkin’s group in nanofabrication and graphene related works.


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