Anna Pekkari, PhD Student, M.Sc.

Email pekkari@chalmers.se

Brief Bio:

I studied Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology at Chalmers and obtained my Masters degree in December 2014. I did my master thesis in prof. Martin Anderssons group were I worked with synthesis of meso-ordered hydrogels and their evaluation for controlled drug release. After graduation I worked a year as Formulation Scientist at Pharmaceutical Development, AstraZeneca developing liquid drug formulations for early preclinical studies.

I started to work as a PhD student at Applied Chemistry at Chalmers in March 2016.

Research interest:
My current research focuses on the synthesis and self-assembly of nanoparticles for application in single particle Nanocatalysis. I am interested in the synthesis and characterization of metal nanoparticles with varying size, shape and composition. Apart from liquid phase synthesis in batch mode my work will explore the use of microfluidics and flow chemistry for nanoparticle synthesis.