Tina Gschneidnter


Tina Gschneidtner, Dipl. NanoSc.

Phone: +46(0)31-772 8229

E-mail: Tina.Gschneidtner (at) chalmers.se

Brief Bio: I studied Nanostructure and Molecular Science at the University of Kassel in Germany and graduated in March 2011. For my diploma thesis project, I worked with prof. Rüdiger Faust on the synthesis and characterization of hydrophilic porphyrazines for luminescence-based biomolecular interaction assays such as the commercialized AlphaScreenTM. My work focused predominantly of organic synthesis as well as the investigation of the systems by photophysical measurements. In 2009 I was a visiting scholar at University of California, Berkeley for 6 month with Christopher J. Chang as my supervisor. We developed a turn on luminescent lanthanide-based probe for selective time-gated detection of hydrogen peroxide in water and living cells. I started my Ph.D. program at the Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, in April 2011.

Research Interests: Organic synthesis incorporated into advanced nanostructured systems has a broad range of interesting applications. Based on my prior research experience, I am interested in interdisciplinary natural sciences, starting with organic synthesis, for the development of systems with further biological or physical applications. I am currently working in the field of selective nano-scale functionalisation. This project focuses on the development of chemistries that allow selective, lithography-free functionalisation of nanostructures with sub nanometer resolution. The work is fundamentally based in organic synthesis, but will subsequently also include nanoparticle and nanorod syntheses, and surface functionalisation and characterisation.

Publication list:

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